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#PBLclouds – the story

In January I participated in a twitter chat #hackingPBL and was so inspired I bought the book Hacking Project Based Learning by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy. I had learned about Project Based Learning (PBL) in college at SUNY Frediona from Dr. Mira Berkley. I already knew PBL is good for kids. If you don't… Continue reading #PBLclouds – the story

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Purposeful Play – how the book changed my teaching

Purposeful Play¬†- BUY IT! READ IT! LIVE IT! Yesterday I saw this Facebook post in a group I'm in - Simply Kinder- about Common Core and Play based learning.: This got me thinking: Are CCSS and Play mutually exclusive? Does it have to be either or or can it be a yes and? My opinion… Continue reading Purposeful Play – how the book changed my teaching