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#FailForward with paper airplanes

Today was a hectic day. Track 2 tracked out and needed a home base for the day so the track 3 teacher could move into her room. So the track 2 teacher and I decided to #innovate4littles! We planned a paper airplane STEM challenge. It was hard. It was fun. It was dramatic. It was… Continue reading #FailForward with paper airplanes

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#wakeTLC #PBLitsnothard

#WakeTLC was an amazing opportunity provided to me and other teacher leaders by our district. They were looking for teacher leaders to embark on a self/team guided professional development journey. We were given the agency to choose from Instructional Design, 4Cs, and Project Based Learning (PBL). My group of amazing educators (Kara Damico, Betsy Archer,… Continue reading #wakeTLC #PBLitsnothard

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#PBLclouds – the reflection

STOP! This is a reflection post! If you haven't read the story about what happened during #PBLclouds. Click here to read it now! My favorite thing about doing a PBL with my weather unit is that my students took ownership over their learning and I only needed to provide them with the time and space… Continue reading #PBLclouds – the reflection

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#PBLclouds – the story

In January I participated in a twitter chat #hackingPBL and was so inspired I bought the book Hacking Project Based Learning by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy. I had learned about Project Based Learning (PBL) in college at SUNY Frediona from Dr. Mira Berkley. I already knew PBL is good for kids. If you don't… Continue reading #PBLclouds – the story

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Hacking PBL – book reflection

I wanted to compile my books snaps and other creations after reading Hacking PBL in an easy to see format.  Hack 1 Just finished reading hack 1 #hackingPBL takeaways- relationships, questioning, risks &failure! via @youtube — Aubrey DiOrio (@AubreyDiOrio) January 18, 2017 Hack 2 Hack 3 Hack 4 Planning PBLs Things I'm doing… Continue reading Hacking PBL – book reflection

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Purposeful Play – how the book changed my teaching

Purposeful Play - BUY IT! READ IT! LIVE IT! Yesterday I saw this Facebook post in a group I'm in - Simply Kinder- about Common Core and Play based learning.: This got me thinking: Are CCSS and Play mutually exclusive? Does it have to be either or or can it be a yes and? My opinion… Continue reading Purposeful Play – how the book changed my teaching

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New year. New post.

It's early January. Everyone has made their resolutions and is ready for a better 2017 than 2016. Kids are back to school and the Twitterverse is full of excited teachers and students trying innovative ideas. Being at a year round school and on track 4 I'm still on break until the end of January. While… Continue reading New year. New post.